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Unpopular opinion: working class whites bring problems on themselves    04/24/18  (102)
PDPD Brings Us Nothing But Pure JOY    04/24/18  (80)
WaPo: I fucked 35 guys in the year after my husband died    04/24/18  (80)
(((Fellow whites))) telling you let the white working class die    04/24/18  (74)
How many of you without live in wife/gf have a bed frame?    04/24/18  (60)
Peterman Apartment Tour (Round 2)    04/24/18  (59)
Jews: You realize your days are numbered, right?    04/24/18  (39)
Why did HK leave British rule? They were so much better off as part of the UK    04/24/18  (39)
list of poasters I'm most jealous of: Thunder Collins, Krampusnacht, CharlesXII    04/24/18  (33)
Toyota Land Cruiser = POTUS of SUVs    04/24/18  (30)
Thunder Collin's wife is still better than 98% of American women out there    04/24/18  (29)
FEC records show Hillary campaign illegal laundered $84 million (link)    04/24/18  (27)
Opinion: Kanye West, alt-right darling [WaPo]    04/24/18  (26)
ITT: Allison Mack trying to convince Emma Watson to join her sex cult    04/24/18  (26)
Bill made mistakes but I think he really did care about working class whites    04/24/18  (26)
Does Anyone Actually "License" Their Dogs?    04/24/18  (25)
What's worse: corruption of math or culture?    04/24/18  (25)
Kidnapped Mexican students dissolved in acid    04/24/18  (22)
Hillary trusted a gay Brooklynite over her husband re winning middle America    04/24/18  (22)
whats the best job    04/24/18  (21)
Kids who struggle with Algebra 1    04/24/18  (20)
Schopenhauer on Jordan Peterson    04/24/18  (20)
Just looked at my stocks for the first time in weeks...JFC    04/24/18  (20)
Coke is actually a pretty shitty drug.    04/24/18  (20)
This tempts me to move back to the midwest    04/24/18  (18)
Why are women such utter disappointments?    04/24/18  (18)
Tase me, and youll see what happens, an American Airlines passenger said    04/24/18  (17)
Holy shit Peterman tried to commit suicide over crypto (link)    04/24/18  (16)
can u just lay low not join a gang keep to yourself and survive in prison?    04/24/18  (16)
If you got offered a cop job would you take it at this point?    04/24/18  (15)
Lol, GreatSchools rating went from being based on test scores to DIVERSITY    04/24/18  (15)
are nurses well paid?    04/24/18  (14)
EPA says studies can only be used for new regs if underlying data is made public    04/24/18  (14)
are there really young men out there who need Jordan Peterson to dad them around    04/24/18  (14)
A lot of "wholesome" women on online dating actually get blown out (DTP)    04/24/18  (13)
Microsoft Surface Pro vs Laptop vs Book    04/24/18  (13)
shitlaw all-stars: describe the difference in result btwn these two scenarios    04/24/18  (13)
The 2018 Am Law 100    04/24/18  (12)
better call bhagwan    04/24/18  (12)
CR to change College Democrats involvement to College Republicans?    04/24/18  (12)
OK to ask HR about hiring timeline? Current employee switching divisions    04/24/18  (12)
peterman what is ur rent    04/24/18  (11)
I want a Japanese sauna room in my house    04/24/18  (11)
Would you rather be a cop, firefighter, nurse or trade job?    04/24/18  (11)
(((SPLC))) Sitting On $500M    04/24/18  (11)
biglaw burnout can be sudden and complete    04/24/18  (11)
Pick 1, Bathing Suit Edition: Aly Raisman, her mom, Aly's 18yo sister (pic)    04/24/18  (10)
REMINDER: the CIA oops-kidnapped wrong guy, tortured him for months    04/24/18  (9)
offer to CharlesXII: XO pays for ur dating apps, but u have to blog all ur dates    04/24/18  (9)
Trump poised for major makeover of 9th Circuit    04/24/18  (9)