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Need help with iPhone charger drama, help me ITT    12/10/17  (95)
What accounts for the depth of RSF hate? I don't get it    12/10/17  (91)
The CR resource on dealing with character disordered people    12/10/17  (75)
Greenwald: Media suffered its most embarrassing debacle in ages (link)    12/10/17  (65)
Chick said she was "thinking about me" yesterday (evan39)    12/10/17  (65)
10 Things Every Intersectional Feminist Should Ask On a First Date    12/10/17  (64)
Thoughts on this SWANUS? (Pic)    12/10/17  (63)
Do any HONEST Trumpcucks want to admit the Deutsche Bank thing scares them?    12/10/17  (55)
Historically important poaster ACP here, taking Qs on crypto, CFB, lifts, women    12/10/17  (55)
Flight attendant seems like a terrible job    12/10/17  (55)
Crypto is tanking    12/10/17  (54)
Colt: French food is total shit. Ever eat a Croissan'wich from BK?    12/10/17  (51)
32 too old to apply for med school?    12/10/17  (50)
Copped # from a hot as FUCK 19 year old UMiami UG last night    12/10/17  (46)
Nine single 31 year old women at a house party secretly looking for men    12/10/17  (42)
Japan seems like such a sad society (Longread)    12/10/17  (41)
My SD doesn't want babby (PF)    12/10/17  (39)
Should I go all in with crypto and invest 250K or just 100K    12/10/17  (38)
Edina, Minnesota hires Somali cultural liasion JFC done here    12/10/17  (36)
Great essay on illegal immigration in Foreign Policy    12/10/17  (35)
old Bryan Caplan post on antinatalism    12/10/17  (35)
Rate how this girl makes money    12/10/17  (32)
Every jew this country took is a LIABILITY, each contains the seeds of treason    12/10/17  (32)
This supermodel is considered as one of the hottest asian females - rate her on    12/10/17  (27)
Someone already started using my credit info from the Equifax breach at Walmart.    12/10/17  (27)
How come old school Military guys seemed to be much classier & less messed up    12/10/17  (27)
What are some good movies about gambling?    12/09/17  (27)
What are the lifehacks for getting a "job"    12/10/17  (26)
LA Reform Rabbi Saves 8 Torahs From Wildfires, Puts them In His CHEVY VOLT    12/10/17  (26)
WaPo reporter tweets FAKE photo of empty Trump rally - gets pwned by TRUMP    12/10/17  (26)
Met a very prestigious group of poasters tonight    12/10/17  (26)
What to do with $50k cash windfall right now?    12/10/17  (25)
Why doesn't lomachenko fight bud crawford    12/10/17  (25)
What is best meme of xo 2017?    12/10/17  (24)
As liberalism intensifies, race relations are getting worse    12/10/17  (24)
so under communism every1 gets assigned chill 9-5 jerb then gets to do whatever?    12/10/17  (23)
went to German-American Club Xmas market and dinner tonight with my VOLK    12/10/17  (23)
"They're disgruntled, starting to lash-" GC: "give them fake coins to play with"    12/10/17  (22)
Listening to your GF piss is disgusting.You can tell it gets all over everywhere    12/10/17  (21)
The hardest class I ever took was a languages class (think Arabic, etc.)    12/10/17  (21)
meds consumed today: 70mg adderall, xanax, klonopin.    12/09/17  (21)
so Moore is getting elected anyway & dems lost a Senator?    12/10/17  (20)
RSF: Did you grow up and go to HS in MFH or NJ?    12/10/17  (20)
"Anybody who wants to come to the U.S. should be allowed to do so" (link)    12/10/17  (20)
Friend who got "no offered" in biglaw is living a 180 life    12/10/17  (19)
Can someone convince me that life in modern USA is better than North Korea    12/10/17  (19)
Country will never elect a Millenial as POTUS    12/10/17  (18)
Every SUNDAY = NOWAG mental illness showcase    12/10/17  (18)
PROTIP: watch bitter, helpless "president" Trump run down U.S. @ Pensacola rally    12/10/17  (18)