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Waiter refused to give my wife a take home box    06/28/17  (37)
How do people drink soda every day? The shit is really sick    06/29/17  (30)
24yo white teacher has sex with 17yo Hispanic in backseat of his Honda Civic    06/29/17  (20)
PROTIP: Orange County = the real SoCal lifestyle    06/28/17  (17)
Daily Mail: Rihanna spotted having sex with Saudi Billionaire    06/28/17  (16)
VIDEO of Muslim teen raping 14yo in France caught on camera    06/29/17  (15)
Living on beach cities in Orange County as a HS student = as good as it gets    06/28/17  (15)
Why hasn't anyone developed a replacement for e-mail?    06/28/17  (13)
What's the most famous type of ethnic cuisine in America? Mexican?    06/29/17  (10)
Strip club solo in McAllen TX tonight. Will I survive?    06/28/17  (10)
Why is Criminal Defense work seen as "public interest" and "good"?    06/28/17  (8)
Why do libs post here? It's almost like they crave the abuse    06/28/17  (8)
Are you ready for violent societal collapse    06/29/17  (7)
Got kicked out of the bookstore    06/28/17  (6) is somehow still the 6th ranked website in both the US and the world    06/28/17  (6)
Job Opportunity at THE LAW STORE    06/28/17  (6)
POLL: what political party are you registered for?    06/29/17  (5)
80+ coins and he's leaping in shame    06/28/17  (4)
Lol at people still trying to shill for retarded ICOs. Give it up    06/28/17  (4)
Even the most Westernized, educated nigger has a bit of jungle waiting to burst    06/29/17  (3)
Guess state, guess race    06/28/17  (3)
Anyone LOL at the accent that pronounce "college" with "cawl" instead of "c    06/28/17  (3)
Guy gets away from police by dumping motor oil behind his car (link)    06/28/17  (2)
Many Muslims believe they are allowed to steal from the luff are    06/28/17  (2)
12th year Skadden associate who becomes "counsel" means what.    06/29/17  (1)
San Diego pwns Orange County. OC = prole goy sprawl    06/28/17  (1)
MMA fighter jumps from top of cage onto his opponent and wins (video)    06/28/17  (1)
Interesting hypo from Talmud law class: OK to resell flowers stolen from cemetar    06/28/17  (1)
Lulzy video of a kid firing a flare gun into a packed fireworks stand (link)    06/28/17  (1)
If I cud give any advice to 20mo's its that its never too late to change careers    06/28/17  (1)