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STICKY: New account requests   09/19/18  (220)
Drumpf down to 39% in latest Rasmussen poll    09/21/18  (7)
Would you rather live in Seattle or Portland and why    09/21/18  (59)
Chad is Tempted in Central Park    09/21/18  (34)
The Chad as Jesus meme is among the GOAT things on this retarded bort    09/21/18  (7)
Chad Impregnates the Five Thousand    09/21/18  (23)
Nothing in the world is more tiring than an 8+ hour drive. But why?    09/21/18  (15)
When your hemmrhoids are actng up what do you do    09/21/18  (2)
Frankly I dont trust a Scotus justice who HASNT raped someone    09/21/18  (7)
The Finding of Chad in the Bachelorette Party    09/21/18  (17)
Corp slave here taking Qs    09/21/18  (1)
The Kavanaugh nomination + accompanying commercials are such contrived nonsense    09/21/18  (2)
REAL TALK: I am 56 years old    09/21/18  (4)
AutChad stocking up on Panda Express before the impending tariffs    09/21/18  (1)
Poasters in 2218 reciting the Sup Brady letter like Hail Mary    09/21/18  (43)
no matter what this thread will get to exactly 1000 posts    09/21/18  (1009)
Puppy mill survivor decries ominous Trump rhetoric    09/21/18  (1)
Chad's First Message in the Bar    09/21/18  (36)
Bought a new wireless optical mouse. Fuck this midget carnie hand twink bullshit    09/21/18  (1)
we haven't had a BYU campus police blotter thread in a while    09/21/18  (35)
Do ex-shelter dogs command respect in the animal world like Holocaust survivors    09/21/18  (3)
Is BMW X5 flame or cr?    09/21/18  (11)
Why is TMF obsessed with NYC    09/21/18  (75)
There are more memorials to the Holocaust in the US than WWII vets/POWs/etc.    09/21/18  (9)
Hue Jackson (2-32-1) squishy on Baker Mayfield    09/21/18  (2)
literally a religion based entirely on the number six million    09/21/18  (15)
lol, another LS classmate is now a high school teacher    09/21/18  (21)
BROWNS WIN    09/21/18  (5)
When did you first suck Russia's cock?    09/21/18  (1)
Chad Annointed by a Prolish Woman    09/21/18  (35)
if Coldplay_fan made eye contact with me at a bar, he would back into a wall    09/21/18  (10)
RATE this belligerent megamanlet chokeslammed by a WIDE AS FUCK bearmode bouncer    09/21/18  (1)
Rate my hapa son    09/21/18  (44)
Which is more stupid? Living in NJ long term or buying a 60K car    09/21/18  (3)
I keep falling in love with ugly girls on the internet    09/21/18  (2)
Jews have the next 3 months off    09/21/18  (1)
Farting so loud you get sentenced to death    09/21/18  (7)
Popular terms used in law firm emails    09/21/18  (130)
Crazy how Mueller is making $$ for US Govt while GOP    09/21/18  (13)
Asia posters cum ITT (harvest festival edition):    09/21/18  (14)
Browns to visit White House during week nine bye, schedule permitting    09/21/18  (1)
CHARLES DIGITAL here, with a weeklong tour of the top sites in EGYPT    09/21/18  (123)
Nothing exists except atoms and empty space. Everything else is opinion.    09/21/18  (8)
The number killed isnt important    09/21/18  (1)
"... and bless luis, and wilbur m, and bless spaceporn, and bless BOOM. Amen."    09/21/18  (4)
ITT we predict celebrities who will die before 2018 is over    09/21/18  (23)
"Alcohol is pois..." *Jesus smashes bottle of gin against Wilbur's face in hell*    09/21/18  (5)
Whats board consensus on 6 million dead Jews Holocaust figure?    09/21/18  (24)
Would you quit hedge fund jerb in MFH for 80k, 9 to 5 job in flyover    09/21/18  (96)
When women in their 30s just let grey hair grow in ever-increasing abundance    09/21/18  (19)
I gotta keep running. Cant stay still. On to the next thing. Thinking army    09/21/18  (1)
Money is such an odd construct if you think about it    09/21/18  (2)
*spaceporn flicking his clit, admiring his framed master's degree*    09/21/18  (14)
Spaceporn's wife banging on bedroom door "gimme five dorra!"    09/21/18  (7)
JFC, imagine being spaceporn sr. and sitting down to dinner with your "sons"    09/21/18  (5)
coldplay fan wants to be peterman, but his ass is so blown out you can't feel    09/21/18  (1)
spaceporn on phone w/son's kidnapper: "I have particular skills!" *laughter*    09/21/18  (2)
The more I argued with them, the better I came to know their dialectic. First    09/21/18  (30)
lol at people coming after spaceporn, he's a good dude    09/21/18  (15)
"...and by 2009 traffic here will suck really bad" (Kurt Cobain suicide note)    09/21/18  (7)
spaceporn: hey guys, back from my hike! *house is empty, furniture is gone*    09/21/18  (2)
Don McGahn went to Widener? lol    09/21/18  (1)
If you HAD to have one of these two physiques, which would you choose?    09/21/18  (1)
Nyuug >>>>>>>>
Spaceporn as both a poster and a human being
   09/21/18  (13)
niggers must be stopped    09/21/18  (8)
Difference between Spaceporn and nyuug: Spaceporn is a piece of shit    09/21/18  (28)
Is there any advantage to getting older?    09/21/18  (69)
Will Obeezy finally end it all when Kavanaugh is confirmed?    09/21/18  (2)
i call fraudlies on ppl online claiming 62    09/21/18  (3)
god it hurts    09/21/18  (2)
Just set up dat tracker    09/21/18  (8)
What color should I get my Honda Credited REsponse Vehicle    09/21/18  (7)
highlight of my day is so staring into toilet for minutes after psyllium shits    09/21/18  (2)
Would you rather have the blonde or brunette? nsfw    09/21/18  (5)
*29tp changing boom's diaper at xo meetup*    09/21/18  (31)
One time I typed some random racist shit into search and a TURD SANDWICH thread    09/21/18  (4)
Jewish Physicist: goyim barely differentiated atoms, don't clearly start or stop    09/21/18  (21)
Trump picked a war with the Deep State and clearly lost    09/21/18  (1)
the eyes of dozens of internet goblins on you, looking to nest in your refuse    09/21/18  (10)
rate this based gen Z streamer's thought on Nicki Minaj    09/21/18  (5)
Top 5 ALPHAS in human history    09/21/18  (18)
Imagine working a 9 to 5..youd have like 8 hours of free time after work    09/21/18  (1)
The President* has a Russia problem    09/21/18  (22)
"a gummi worm??? for me!?!?" spaceporn's son excitedly asks a pantsless nyuug    09/21/18  (7)
TMF you should poast a picture of your beautiful house    09/21/18  (1)
I think biglaw is worse than ibanking    09/21/18  (2)
If you dig up Wilbur he has his crypto keys tattooed on his thigh    09/21/18  (1)
To the asshole who made the 1001th post...    09/21/18  (2)
FBI shut observatory down because they were using it to watch HS beach volleybal    09/21/18  (9)
Why is TRUMP slurring his words again? Dentures loose? Too Coked up?    09/21/18  (83)
seriously lulzing@ spaceporn shitmodding every thread about his GAPING    09/21/18  (17)
some of you pussies smell blood and use it to go after 'bad' poasters    09/21/18  (1)
Has anyone taken the James Patterson MasterClass?    09/21/18  (1)
Best product for itchy butt? (asking for a friend)    09/21/18  (1)
Pro tip: your parents dont want to babysit your kids    09/21/18  (10)
I wrote a song for our Fallen Dessert Fox    09/21/18  (5)
There's a 180 boart in heaven w/SAD, LarryJoeBird, Anon6356, & Wilbur    09/21/18  (26)
Non shitty movie enthusiasts: go see The Florida Project    09/21/18  (7)
The Florida Project is a 180 view into the complete shit abyss of Orlando    09/21/18  (6)
Paul Manafort and Chip tp bonding at Van Halen concert in new buddy comedy    09/21/18  (47)
Finish this sentence: How Dare ____    09/21/18  (2)
Baker Mayfield would be a good law firm name    09/21/18  (1)
TMF if u had gone into litigation U could have a V8 Range Rover like EPAH    09/21/18  (12)
Feeling anxious - please tell me something positive and reassuring.    09/21/18  (10)
Wilbur mercer will 100% go off the wagon @ some pt, hope he live blogs it on xo    09/21/18  (10)
should I buy a used 2001 bmw 325ci with 100k miles for 3k?    09/21/18  (4)
Rate this music video featuring clips from the Vanilla Ice movie Cool As Ice    09/21/18  (1)
ending it all tonight    09/21/18  (5)
Oh Wilbur boy, the kegs, the kegs are running    09/21/18  (5)
sending my kids to BYU    09/21/18  (5)
James Joyce Jr. looking on Backpage for a "prostitoot"    09/21/18  (10)
Kavanaugh's 5-second handshake exceeding the scope of consent    09/21/18  (5)
should I buy moar ETH at 210-220??    09/21/18  (6)
What Trumptards fail to comprehend: Ford is putting her entire life on the line    09/21/18  (1)
shaytan and Her evil fruits    09/21/18  (4)
Did Wilbur hide his worthless eth anywhere before he died?    09/21/18  (3)
Chris Cuomo in testy interviews with women always seems like an Italian husband    09/21/18  (1)
"wait, hold up... is the US senate or the Vagina Monologues?"    09/21/18  (2)
Narcos Season 4: November 16    09/21/18  (4)
Wilbur isnt dead    09/21/18  (2)
Just a quick reminder: spaceporn's gook kid is getting buttfucked    09/21/18  (5)
I called up Eugene, told him I was drow, ow, ning.    09/21/18  (2)
painful oily diarrhea tracker engaged    09/21/18  (3)
protocol PACKETCONFIRM_3.193.091 xxxxxxxxxxxxx
   09/21/18  (15)
When you're stressed do you eat or starve    09/21/18  (1)
Hot Arizona teacher rapes 13 yo boy with her mouth    09/21/18  (119)
Woman: "I discovered no matter how large I get, men will still want me" (DTP)    09/21/18  (16)
Man Elizabeth Thomas really blew up    09/21/18  (2)
serial killer in Los Angeles    09/20/18  (5)
"Oh! excuse me, ma'am" said the blonde chick after bumping into nyuug    09/20/18  (1)
you can only go so far in trying to 'criminalize' male sexuality    09/20/18  (24)
Jews don't have a motivation for killing the White race    09/20/18  (16)
BAKER MAYFIELD    09/20/18  (7)
All my people are dead    09/20/18  (2)
Baker Mayfield era in Cleveland undrerway    09/20/18  (2)
is there any doubt that Trump has the most entertaining administration in histor    09/20/18  (7)
Left BIGLAW bc life is too short to work for vulgar, demanding KIKES    09/20/18  (1)
BP did you actually get fired from GS on your first day? how?    09/20/18  (7)
alzabo signing off on his sixth "Blank Bump Purchase & Exchange Agreement" 2nite    09/20/18  (1)
That's right, grandson. His name is Wilbur and he died for your internet money.    09/20/18  (5)
TMF yelling TURN THAT SHIT OFF when hearing Folsom Prison Blues why    09/20/18  (2)
"some guy jumped on me 35 years ago. i am a victim"    09/20/18  (1)
apple po boy with extra peanut butter, salt on the side    09/20/18  (3)
"And Lord bless mommy, and daddy, and daddy's friend spaceprom"    09/20/18  (4)
Spaceporn    09/20/18  (2)
scientists successfully breed squat, ellipsoid "hamburger dog" (pics)    09/20/18  (14)
Got into an argument w uppity NYU Law Israeli kike about multiculturalism in    09/20/18  (10)
"I'll just eat my way out of this!" (Christine Ford in a vat of a maneure)    09/20/18  (2)
Most of Ford's requests seem reasonable, but not the demand of no independent    09/20/18  (13)
Reminder: olds would pay 10MM to be young again    09/20/18  (1)

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