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STICKY: New account requests   05/19/18  (208)
pick one for ug: UVA, Georgetown, UMich, BC, ND, Cornell    05/24/18  (2)
*Romney throwing laptop across the room after "I am not a robot" captcha appears    05/24/18  (2)
WSJ tears down ESPN's drift to politics in lengthy expose    05/24/18  (28)
RSF vs TMF is buckeye on buckeye violence    05/24/18  (3)
literally fucked up a project so immensely theres no way i dont get fired    05/24/18  (9)
Why can't xo'ers meet women thru friends instead of online apps? Oh wait    05/24/18  (2)
why are canadians and brits OBSESSED with white southerners?    05/24/18  (4)
More alpha: Bill Clinton or Trump?    05/24/18  (12)
Remember when law students were so excited/impressed by law review?    05/24/18  (23)
twitter dork ending all tweets with "lesson in there" or "tell your sons this"    05/24/18  (20)
Is law school a good place to find wife material? (serious replies only)    05/24/18  (10)
Date lab: woman enthusiastically embraces interracial date with younger hill sta    05/24/18  (62)
"I need Plan B"...Flying J pharmacist hands peterman a pint glass of Drano    05/24/18  (13)
does your lolschool's alum "network" help you    05/24/18  (7)
Anyone else imagine how JUICY women's pussies get in the summer heat?    05/24/18  (11)
Parents - thoughts on regression to the mean    05/24/18  (130)
spaceporn putting cheese in his breast pocket like a pocket square    05/24/18  (12)
Why do libs love using gay imagery w their political enemies    05/24/18  (3)
Doesnt matter who wins, Warriors will skullfuck either team in 5    05/24/18  (5)
Is Cheese Whiz prole    05/24/18  (1)
first of 3 big atty fee checks in today    05/24/18  (9)
Meadowlands in NJ getting Mall of America sized mall called "American Dream"    05/24/18  (1)
RSF really gaped lil' TMF in that points thread lmao    05/24/18  (154)
EPIC SCREED:Foreign competition, not automation, drives manufacturing job losses    05/24/18  (22)
drilled a countersurveillance hole into wall of women's shower at the gym    05/24/18  (4)
itt i list the smartest xo poasters by race    05/24/18  (6)
dems are gambling everything on 2/3 of Senate voting to remove Trump?    05/24/18  (20)
trumpmos: NOW will you admit trump is DONE ?    05/24/18  (47)
Also, Dude, spy is not the preferred nomenclature. Counterintelligence informant    05/24/18  (21)
*brings a paper bag to a grindr hookup*    05/24/18  (1)
rate Harrison Ford's hairline in 1977    05/24/18  (4)
Explain goosestepping bottoms (e.g GGTP) who attack "deep state" & fellate Putin    05/24/18  (14)
Remember when everyone was MAF when Netflix raised prices for DVD rentals?    05/24/18  (33)
remember when RSF had any respect at all from any one ?    05/24/18  (1)
96% of all jobs added since 2000 came from the top 10% of Zip Codes by wealth    05/24/18  (10)
"Sexualize him! Sexualize him!" crowd roars as Peterman stands before Pontius Pi    05/24/18  (78)
Going to make myself an "informant" on nubile teen girl down the street    05/24/18  (2)
The nice thing about having a small cock    05/24/18  (1)
i'm so bad at US history-- how many ninjas did Jesse James kill    05/24/18  (4)
*TMF & RSF stroking each other's cocks* "ur so gay" " no u" *cum in unison*    05/24/18  (7)
Watching old Carson clips is so depressing. The decline of America is so obvious    05/24/18  (70)
Trump assuring me it was biggest spy ops in world history. Totally believe him.    05/24/18  (5)
Colleges Bend the Rules for "Disabled" Students, Give Them Extra Help    05/24/18  (48)
Need a quick answer from xo: does nyuug live in a 1st 2nd or 3rd world country?    05/24/18  (8)
luis, thinking of getting a kooky lake tahoe xo pad. thoughts?    05/24/18  (28)
"And here comes CharlesXII outta NOWHERE w/a folding chair across RSF's back!!"    05/24/18  (7)
Libs need to get their story straight on Spygate.    05/24/18  (7)
Not normally into 9 year olds, but I'd fuck the shit out of Lil Tay.    05/24/18  (4)
lol I'm not stalking u I'm just making sure ur safe haha    05/24/18  (1)
"This is my rock bottom" as she reluctantly chooses you over being alone forever    05/24/18  (4)
Morgan Freeman just won the election Hillary    05/24/18  (5)
spaceporn ordering cock cage, size small    05/24/18  (2)
Deep State University    05/24/18  (2)
spaceporn arriving @ his weekly thursday depo, sees court reporter "hey phil    05/24/18  (1)
LJL @ Trumpcucks. Trump's approval ratings only at 38-58. PWN PWN PWN!    05/24/18  (2)
a certain "reggaeton" sort of MD&A drafting session    05/24/18  (20)
NYT is assuring me FBI only countersurveilled Trump (not spy). i feel better    05/24/18  (12)
dating market = worse than legal market. mass-mailing>>>online dating    05/24/18  (5)
"Another DEEP State? You've already had 12"- "Yes" his beady eyes narrowing (Pet    05/24/18  (8)
next celeb sexual assaulter of the week? shit idk maybe Morgan Freeman?    05/24/18  (10)
About to make myself vomit to leave work early    05/24/18  (3)
Lol at this deranged, cornered rat "president " tweeting about "DEEP STATE"    05/24/18  (16)
Straight Goy White Males. 70% of male population. 5% of #MeToo victims. Libs?    05/24/18  (1)
"This is my rock bottom" as the cheerleader turned sex worker flew to meet RSF    05/24/18  (22)
What happened at UVA law last month?    05/24/18  (23)
Team RSF vs Team CharlesXII    05/24/18  (15)
Spent last few weeks in suburbs. Shocking how much happier they are ...    05/24/18  (54)
4 yo just told me he was scared of the Deep State    05/24/18  (5)
CIA laughing that we put voluntarily place listening devices in our own homes    05/24/18  (5)
More Dems say it is "very likely" that DOJ/FBI broke law to prevent DJT from win    05/24/18  (4)
LOL MORGAN FUCKING FREEMAN #METOO'D (link)    05/24/18  (4)
Lol at Kushner/security clearance gambit & what it shows abt Trumps impotence    05/24/18  (13)
told kid no more chic fillet if he touches his pee pee again    05/24/18  (2)
most of you are little boys with no clue how to love a woman    05/24/18  (4)
Mia Farrow gets taken down in epic screed by one of her 60 kids    05/24/18  (22)
What Nest products are worth it?    05/24/18  (32)
BREAKING: Driverless Uber killed HOMELESS WOMAN! Uber not at fault!    05/24/18  (44)
What happened to the whole NFL kneeling scandal? Did athletes solve racial injus    05/24/18  (1)
7% chance your GF has fucked Scott Stapp of Creed    05/24/18  (6)
Oh hi! This is Matt. Yeah wasn't expecting you to pick up haha (xo 1998)    05/24/18  (1)
ITT: we post pics of our second cousin    05/24/18  (3)
Muscadine Wine 6 years into a whiskey bender impregnating a cheerleader w braces    05/24/18  (4)
Cancer doctors: Bacon, sausage and processed meat completely done here    05/24/18  (3)
Not flame u can hire Scott Stapp to administer ur kid first communion shirtless    05/24/18  (1)
this is LITERALLY the worst commercial ever made. TTTiffanys is official over    05/24/18  (1)
Lib Moses descending Mt Sinai w tablet of new excuses for racial achievement gap    05/24/18  (4)
what are you supposed to do if kid plays w his weiner?    05/24/18  (8)
eminem should re-release all of his songs in spanish to get out of career slump    05/24/18  (1)
According to the authoritative Wikipedia article on MS-13,    05/24/18  (2)
Boston Herald: Democrat Watergate unfolding before our very eyes (link)    05/24/18  (3)
Real talk, where can I actually buy the Trump-Kim Jong Un Commemorative Coin    05/24/18  (4)
do u consider the national anthem to be offensive political speech?    05/24/18  (3)
just got in fight w/ old historian who said Old West didn't have ninjas    05/24/18  (4)
srs ? for beckersted    05/24/18  (63)
been waiting for pears to soften up for a week. turns out theyre apples.    05/24/18  (4)
lol where the fuck is jeff sessions. is he just chilling in his hobbit hole    05/24/18  (3)
*clicks RSF thread* *sees 149 poast sub thread* *exits*    05/24/18  (1)
Awfully nice of the Deep State to look out for Trump and protect him from Russia    05/24/18  (3)
the lib response to venezuela, zimbabwe & SA imploding proves they're cancer    05/24/18  (2)
We all agree that HYPMSC are the top universities, but where is the next cutoff?    05/24/18  (113)
Do shitlibs really want every nation in the world to be random mix of ethnicitie    05/24/18  (76)
Auschwitz pop quiz time: in what part of camp was Elie Wiesel when liberated?    05/24/18  (9)
Romney grits teeth, grunts, backs into wall-mounted dildo    05/24/18  (96)
If I haven't done acid by age 30, is it worth doing it?    05/24/18  (22)
literally a whole world out there all kinds of ill ass shit going on all the tim    05/24/18  (2)
Jersey Shore was 180 last night    05/24/18  (25)
OMG it's Jerzday!!! #Jersey Shore    05/24/18  (19)
lawman8 reserving UVA law study room    05/24/18  (2)
(((Yankees))) desperately trying forcememe Aaron Judge as a star    05/24/18  (122)
Do a real estate buyer and his lender each send escrow closing instructions?    05/24/18  (3)
Does it EVER make sense to buy a rental property over a home as your primary re    05/24/18  (8)
Are successful (like top 5 percent) real estate brokers "prestigious"?    05/24/18  (3)
Taking DTP to the Playboy Mansion next week. (CSLG)    05/24/18  (1)
ROLAND GARROS DRAW CEREMONY LIVE (VID) #tennis    05/24/18  (57)
While railing against horrors of aging online, I aged tremendously IRL (DTP)    05/24/18  (63)
CiCi Bellis carb-loading in Italy #tennis    05/24/18  (6)
'Weird, odd, a dumpster fire': Trump's North Korea summit coin ridiculed    05/24/18  (44)
Chad: "I'll have a turkey sub." Haha, you would, that's hilarious ;-)    05/24/18  (12)
FFVII "sleep" music plays as u drift off to 5min nap on your office floor @ 4am    05/24/18  (1)
boner police is a washed up poaster    05/24/18  (1)
Even George Orwell would see Alexa and be like "jfc"    05/24/18  (7)
Hi wagecucks. Do me a favor and google DJ Pauly D's net worth.    05/24/18  (31)
Why does MSM keep saying there is no evidence Trump was spied on?    05/24/18  (15)
RATE This Young Tennis Star (PIC) #tennis    05/24/18  (1)
... to which the law professor replied, My business is fighting Nazis.    05/24/18  (1)
Is there any job more meaningless/unnecessary than real estate broker?    05/24/18  (1)
MSM, literally does not care FBI/DOJ political compromised, weaponized    05/24/18  (1)
Wife made me watch "A Handmaids Tale". A Poasters would fit right in    05/24/18  (34)
RATE Taylor Fritz' sexy wife #tennis    05/24/18  (4)
There's absolutely no way my iPhone, laptop, Facebook, Google and Alexa r spying    05/24/18  (5)
Meditation bros - do you guys incorporate loving-kindness into your practice?    05/24/18  (39)
Remember when Pauly D had a tanning emergency??? (video)    05/24/18  (2)
I think Trump should take the high road and not spy on his opponent in 2020    05/24/18  (1)
Tech companies have your best interests at heart and take privacy seriously.    05/24/18  (3)
Surprise surprise: amazons Alexa secretly records, saves, sends your convos    05/24/18  (9)
Kim Jong Un: no worries, how about next week? Haha    05/24/18  (26)
Hypo: Billionaire buys all public gun manufacturers    05/24/18  (19)
You're Young: Former Pro Melanie Oudin Is Only 26 #tennis    05/24/18  (4)
welp bros, jury gave me $34k on $15 in specials    05/24/18  (10)
Former Pro Genie Bouchard CRUSHED In RG Qualifying #tennis    05/24/18  (2)
how can libs say Spygate wasn't spying? it's right there in the name    05/24/18  (3)
Haha YES! Boner police showed up and is being irreverent to BOTH sides!!    05/24/18  (19)
Lol at earl having 600,000 Chase Ultimate Reward points    05/24/18  (15)
how do random recruiters find your personal email address?    05/24/18  (2)
I'm gay #tennis    05/24/18  (2)
Protip: instead of creating tennis threads, just admit you're gay    05/24/18  (5)
Geneva/Lyon 5/24/2018 #tennis    05/24/18  (12)
TRUMP is done here after tonight's debate    05/24/18  (4)
trump is done here    05/24/18  (4)

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