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STICKY: New account requests   05/25/18  (211)
PSA: Mercedes and Lexus are the best SUVs based on safety+reliability ratings    05/25/18  (3)
still can't believe tctp failed out of law school    05/25/18  (5)
2018 LINCOLN CONTINENTAL IS THE CR    05/25/18  (16)
So Trumpmos are pro-school shooting, pro-russian spying, and pro-carried interes    05/25/18  (1)
I'm impatient why isn't Spying Obama in handcuffs yet    05/25/18  (5)
XO GOLD: 33 Year Old Avril Lavigne dating some turdskin billionaire.    05/25/18  (29)
Michael Avenatti running for POTUS    05/25/18  (9)
Trump doubling down is a losing strategy    05/25/18  (5)
how can libs say Spygate wasn't spying? it's right there in the name    05/25/18  (4)
where's that poast where a poaster explained why libs are doubling down    05/25/18  (5)
"how many EVs did Trump get?" "over 300." "let's double down" (libs    05/25/18  (2)
"Look, ~horse cum blast~ is actually really insightful" ... HR: "you're fired."    05/25/18  (31)
Nancy Pelosi experiences runtime error during press conference    05/25/18  (7)
So Dems are pro-MS13, anti-NK peace, pro-Spying on oppo candidates, pro-Deep Sta    05/25/18  (6)
Can't think of anything more mind-blowingly gay than the "NRx movement"    05/25/18  (7)
Chill solo bro of mine: "I just bill $1000 a day then go home" (3 hours work)    05/25/18  (23)
Is Lexus cr    05/25/18  (8)
can't believe libs are still doubling down    05/25/18  (2)
Not just doubling down, triple and quadrupling down    05/25/18  (2)
$500k is the new $100k    05/25/18  (4)
REAL TALK: Calling MS-13 "animals" is a vicious right-wing    05/25/18  (11)
everyone violently hates lawyers, no exceptions    05/25/18  (4)
A chorus of boomer phones clanging like slot machines paying out jackpots    05/25/18  (1)
consumers: what products do you plan to buy this weekend?    05/25/18  (47)
call ICE on every home cleaning service in your city    05/25/18  (8)
Parentmos: what cartoons do you let your kids watch?    05/25/18  (60)
ESPN signs deal expanding Keith Olbermann's role    05/25/18  (2)
Global capitalism brings P.F. Chang's comes to Shanghai    05/25/18  (2)
Ever notice that legal immigrants come to America to enrich themselves at all co    05/25/18  (8)
WaPo: No, we wont discuss things like reasonable adults (link)    05/25/18  (21)
what's the largest credit card charge you've ever made?    05/25/18  (36)
Memorial Weekend, 1998    05/25/18  (41)
Meeting a STEM PhD chick tomorrow night (CharlesXII)    05/25/18  (101)
ever notice legal immigrants weren't born here?    05/25/18  (3)
What is the sweet spot for a refurbished Thinkpad X1    05/25/18  (27)
Longer average tenure: Burger flipper or Trump WH Aide?    05/25/18  (8)
xo poaster attacks muslim teens with stun gun    05/25/18  (2)
LJL at fun havers    05/25/18  (7)
any currently alive practicing dentists post here?    05/25/18  (1)
CAC lonestar ICE Talib Kweli djsrce Gasolina shamWoW    05/25/18  (40)
any judges poast here    05/25/18  (7)
Legal immigrants have a chip on their shoulder    05/25/18  (32)
Dropped 10 lbs in 15 days.    05/25/18  (28)
Cool Hand Luke, but about a law firm associate.    05/25/18  (5)
when i hear regular workin' bros talk together, i envy them    05/25/18  (7)
You know what, fuck belts. I'm tired of the belt fraud    05/25/18  (18)
Average solo makes $200K. Fuck My Ass.    05/25/18  (39)
Daily Nietzsche: Your wife and dotter are both irredeemable fucking whores    05/25/18  (13)
2028: A prominent QB has been suspended for 4 games for standing for Natl Anthem    05/25/18  (2)
Terminator, but T-800 sent back to kill lawyer who made 7.6 work with 9.2    05/25/18  (1)
At the Alaska lax lounge    05/25/18  (14)
So is conning/scamming the elderly with dementia the easy way to money?    05/25/18  (12)
Snopes: Are MS-13 really animals? Mostly false.    05/25/18  (4)
Wrath of Khan, but with a summer who got cold-offered 15 years ago    05/25/18  (9)
black kid parks across two handicapped spaces, refuses cop instructions.Is Tased    05/25/18  (109)
Can we start wearing white pants today or do we have to wait until Memorial Day?    05/25/18  (12)
RATE this cute little butt    05/25/18  (7)
Black dude: Modern racial wokeness is a creepy Liberal religion    05/25/18  (17)
My cokehead client told me a story about a SA chick he was fucking    05/25/18  (42)
The cutest girl I have seen was a teen cashier at Sonic drive through    05/25/18  (3)
Give amnesty to illegals who snitch on / turn in MS-13 members    05/25/18  (2)
Cut all ties with my brother 3 months ago and have never felt better    05/25/18  (59)
Why doesn't Trump take the fight to MS-13?    05/25/18  (9)
African blacks taking all the AA jerbs while American black jive talk    05/25/18  (21)
Geneva/Lyon 5/25/2018 #tennis    05/25/18  (7)
Peterman wearing a beer hat but they're piss jugs    05/25/18  (1)
Liberals in 2018: NIXON DID NOTHING WRONG!    05/25/18  (1)
we need to go full Handmaid's Tale now to save society    05/25/18  (9)
Haha wow holy shit, just got MONKEY'S PAWED by a tinder chick lmao (DDC)    05/25/18  (148)
EAT BEEF EVERY DAY. NO CARBS. HTH    05/25/18  (5)
Catch-22 but set inside a law firm    05/25/18  (15)
Mike Meru Has $1 Million in Student Loans. How Did That Happen? [WSJ]    05/25/18  (19)
Lawyer: "Harvey Weinstein did not invent the casting couch"    05/25/18  (4)
A lack of agency is what incels and women have in common    05/25/18  (1)
NFL Player: Are we here to make money? Or to sound off on Trump?    05/25/18  (5)
the rich elite$ are all on expensive designer HGH to stay young& thin    05/25/18  (2)
Chris Froome haha wow holy shit    05/25/18  (1)
So sick of money-grubbing, parasitic, media dominating Methodists    05/25/18  (3)
Elon Musk further explains why the MSM is terrible (link)    05/25/18  (15)
After talking to Charlie tp yesterday I realized that humanity is doomed,    05/25/18  (27)
My lady thinks she is head of household becuz she does most of the admin stuff    05/25/18  (28)
Rate this 17yo blonde teen from SoCal    05/25/18  (46)
harsh reality: CharlesXII tp will never, ever find a wife    05/25/18  (10)
it's really funny how midwestern women envision being "hot" it's so prole    05/25/18  (26)
FATCEPS claims to fucked hot women, but he also lives in DC.    05/25/18  (2)
I was actually banned from a video game for using mean language    05/25/18  (3)
"Look, we get it, pop-ads suck, but. . ." GC lied unconvincingly.    05/25/18  (1)
libs are going insane over the kneeling "ban"    05/25/18  (10)
Imagine shooting a weeks worth of load into wendall tp.    05/25/18  (1)
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, but set in a law firm.    05/25/18  (1)
This lib is a DC 9.    05/25/18  (9)
Wow, Victoria Azarenka has not made the SF of a Major in almost 5 years #tennis    05/25/18  (3)
Just got 5k for an Uber driver w $0 in meds    05/25/18  (3)
Does anyone reading these MSM tweets re: Elon Musk actually side w/them? (Link    05/25/18  (22)
So biglaw guarantees a 30 year old $350,000 year and it's bad?    05/25/18  (116)
Watching ESPN in the office, they're talking about the anthem issue    05/25/18  (4)
The Atlantic targets random 20-yo YouTuber for using the word "fag"    05/25/18  (20)
make money money GO SHOPPING    05/25/18  (1)
BOLD prediction: Illegal immigration will increase under Trump    05/25/18  (11)
Lil Tay is how I imagine nutella rapping my Mo money Mo stitches lyrics    05/25/18  (2)
Rate the bios of the 3 women who led the JIT MH-17 investigation against Russia    05/25/18  (4)
xo is always circling around it. "media" "libs" "boomers" "global    05/25/18  (2)
So just to be clear: XO is Indians, Jews, Chinks LARPing as White Nationalists?    05/25/18  (1)
How do i lose my midsection stomach fat    05/25/18  (68)
Every night, I read a couple baby Goldstein poasts to my son before bedtime    05/25/18  (2)
Chupacabra shot and killed in Montana (link)    05/25/18  (1)
One time Brazilians stole caesium-137 and the neighborhood was put in lead boxes    05/25/18  (8)
Now that Musk is engaged in media war, i really want Tesla to succeed    05/25/18  (1)
Mass. Senatorial candidate calls everyone niggers on the Deep State reservation    05/25/18  (19)
Lmao a 1.1MM apartment in MFH looks "cheap" and I'm going to go into huge debt    05/25/18  (2)
Twisted Metal 2    05/25/18  (5)
FB "Memories" - absolutely toxic    05/25/18  (3)
evan39 $eattle$ Mu$$el$ te$t po$itive for opioid$    05/25/18  (8)
Why does McDonalds give you an additional starch in the form of a biscuit    05/25/18  (13)
It's a shame that more black women aren't nice; the nice ones are 180    05/25/18  (12)
baby wagner killing ants with cynacide gas.    05/25/18  (1)
RATE This Young Tennis Star (PIC) #tennis    05/25/18  (2)
Netflix has some truly awful shows    05/25/18  (2)
RATE this Roger Federer moment #tennis    05/25/18  (10)
Honey, why aren't you ranting about Jews online tonight? Is something wrong?    05/25/18  (3)
Rate this conversation I overheard b/w boomers    05/25/18  (3)
Rate this $1.7M "most unbelievable home you might ever see" home in SF BAY AREA    05/25/18  (13)
Think its hard to find a home in S.F.? The Peninsula is even worse    05/25/18  (5)
"IT says you wrote "dude that's rape" 37x on a racist message board, why?"    05/25/18  (2)
Who here is currently on online dating?    05/25/18  (37)
Miss Nebraska is the New Miss USA winner! Rate her itt    05/25/18  (25)
Elon Musk: $20 billion and still MAF    05/25/18  (1)
*squat mestizo staring at you blankly*    05/25/18  (6)
ITT suggest some good romantic restaurants in northern NJ.    05/25/18  (8)
Reminder: we can't solve America's mass shooting problem until we solve    05/25/18  (2)
wow deadpool 2 was so good    05/25/18  (1)
Anyone have a "busy" day at work today?    05/25/18  (5)
In-house $550k Deputy GC vs. v30 non-equity partner $900k    05/25/18  (72)
"I see under 'Interests' on your resume you have 'Exposing the Holohoax.' Can yo    05/25/18  (15)
Any poasters here NOT daydream about shooting up their school?    05/25/18  (11)
Relief pitcher lies about batting in HS, hits game-winning double    05/25/18  (2)
Its pretty funny that incels worship a chad like Trump who takes all their women    05/25/18  (4)
As soon as I leave MFH, everything looks/seems prole AF    05/25/18  (20)
We understand what blaxploitation was in the 70s. Will we in the future?    05/25/18  (1)
Trump: it will be obvious Obama was involved after documents are released (link)    05/25/18  (7)
Ask not what GC can do for you, ask what you can do for GC    05/25/18  (1)
Holy shit, Naoya "Monster" Inoue just destroyed Jamie McDonnell for the WBA titl    05/25/18  (3)
hypo: the sorority chick's baseball game tweet, except it's a gay dude    05/25/18  (20)
what the fuck were people like henry kissinger doing on the board of theranos    05/25/18  (10)
Online Dating: What % of chicks that say they're not up for one night stands are    05/25/18  (4)
Tarrantino Bond saying 'nigger' 50 times in monologue as elevator fills w/ water    05/25/18  (4)
Trumpmos how enraged are you at this video?    05/25/18  (22)
Lol there was a stage show were an italian ran electricity thru the corpses of e    05/25/18  (3)

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